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The End of Meat Is Here

Is any panic more primitive than the one prompted by the thought of empty grocery store shelves? Is any relief more primitive than the one provided by comfort food? Most everyone has been doing more cooking these days, more documenting of the cooking, and more thinking about food […]

Morning News Headlines 01.01.13

NATION Excess-profits tax on contractors during wartime is long overdue FINE PRINT | For the new year, a radical national security idea that should have happened years ago. (, The Washington Post) Hillary Clinton’s blood clot in her skull, doctors say. The secretary of State did not sustain […]

Palestinian Civilian Death Toll Climbs in Gaza

The Palestinian civilian death toll mounted Monday as Israeli aircraft struck densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip in a campaign to quell militant rocket fire menacing nearly half of Israel’s population. An overnight airstrike on two houses belonging to an extended clan in Gaza City killed two children and two adults, and injured 42 people, said […]