miguel’s pussy riot cover is a soulful must-watch

Miguel’s a big Pussy Riot fan, and he wants you to be as well. The R&B crooner took to Twitter last week to do a little pro bono PR for the Rusmiguelsian protest group, praising their 2016 anti-Trump anthem,Make America Great Again.” Miguel’s cover is a little more soulful, by his own admission. “Shitty emo cover of ‘make america great again’ by @pussyrrriot,” the artist tweeted. “You gotta hear the actual song, it’s legit a jam, feel good even!” Two members of the collective, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, were famously jailed in 2012 for a protest staged inside Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior. They were freed almost two years later, and the group has since recorded a number of protest songs aimed at oppressive figures like Donald Trump.

“Make America Great Again” was one of three tracks the group released in October of last year, all aimed at conservative politics around the world. The first — titled “Straight Outta Vagina”was a brazen celebration of women’s sexuality and power. The second, “Organs,” was released the following day. The Russian-language song dealt with corruption and the oppression of female sexuality in Russia. We’re glad Miguel’s listening.

movement: queen moves | sponsored by new balance

i-D travels the globe in search of athletic subcultures that are creating a movement in their city through sport. In the first episode of an all new 3-part series, MOVEMENT sponsored by New Balance, we follow Queen Moves, a dance collective based in New York defying the norms of the dance industry. Their mission is to create a community that supports women and to help dispel the insecurities that many women deal with in modern society. Their choreography are inspired by women’s personal stories – the themes of their routines ranging from political issues to heartbreak. From studio to the streets, watch them transform a personal story about identity loss and discovery into dance and perform it for all of New York. Their journeys remind us that those who are fearlessly independent and defy expectations can make a larger impact on the people around them and the cities they dwell in.