Sunday News Headlines 10.21.12

NATION Rapid expansion of U.S.-trained Afghan security force comes at a cost Soldiers, policemen far from ready to take over country, casting doubt on Pentagon’s focus on numbers. ( by Rajiv … Continue reading Sunday News Headlines 10.21.12

Today’s Newsheadlines 10.03.12

NATION Interior approves first section of 146-mile power line The Obama administration says the project will improve the grid; environmentalists say it will harm public lands. ( by Darryl Fears , … Continue reading Today’s Newsheadlines 10.03.12

Today’s News Headlines 07.30.12

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS In Syria, U.S. intelligence gaps  The United States is struggling to develop a clear understanding of opposition forces inside the country, according to U.S. officials. (By Greg Miller … Continue reading Today’s News Headlines 07.30.12