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Sunday News Headlines 10.21.12

NATION Rapid expansion of U.S.-trained Afghan security force comes at a cost Soldiers, policemen far from ready to take over country, casting doubt on Pentagon’s focus on numbers. ( by Rajiv Chandrasekaran , The Washington Post) Meningitis outbreak puts researchers in unexplored territory New form of the disease is […]

Today’s Newsheadlines 10.03.12

NATION Interior approves first section of 146-mile power line The Obama administration says the project will improve the grid; environmentalists say it will harm public lands. ( by Darryl Fears , The Washington Post) Duncan reaches out to teachers The education secretary said the Obama administration understands many educators […]

Today’s News Headlines 07.30.12

TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS In Syria, U.S. intelligence gaps  The United States is struggling to develop a clear understanding of opposition forces inside the country, according to U.S. officials. (By Greg Miller and Joby Warrick)  James Holmes appears in court  The Colorado massacre suspect, his hair dyed reddish-orange, seemed lethargic […]