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Morning News Headlines 01.16.13

NATION Readers speak on budget, contractors, corruption, whistleblowers Federal Diary gives readers a chance to speak out on issues affecting federal employees. (, The Washington Post) U.S. weighs military aid for France in Mali Help wouldn’t include combat troops but could test U.S. boundaries and stretch counterterrorism resources […]

Morning News Headlines 01.01.13

NATION Excess-profits tax on contractors during wartime is long overdue FINE PRINT | For the new year, a radical national security idea that should have happened years ago. (, The Washington Post) Hillary Clinton’s blood clot in her skull, doctors say. The secretary of State did not sustain […]

News Headlines 10.31.12

NATION Vast storm packs wallop for millions The awesome scale of Sandy meant an extraordinary number of people received close to a direct hit. ( by Joel Achenbach and Colum Lynch , The Washington Post) Euthanasia should be a right Readers respond to an article about the end-of-life decisions and […]