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The Second Coming of RG3

Everyone was crying. RG3 himself got it started, lying there in his hospital bed, totally immobile. Then his fiancée, Rebecca, and his mom welled up. Jackie never wanted her only son to play football in the first place, not really—what mother wants her son to play football?—but she relented when the 11-year-old pinkie-promised her he wouldn’t get hurt. And now this. Finally, even the quarterback’s military father, Robert Griffin Jr., the retired sergeant, the Iraq vet, “the guy who never cries,” according to his son—not even RG2 could choke back the tears. It was January 9, 2013, three days after Griffin’s historic rookie season ended with a nasty twist of his right knee in a playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks, and minutes after Griffin had woken up from surgery in Florida, opening his eyes to a real-life nightmare. His blown-out right knee was bandaged, but so was his healthy left one. That meant Dr. Andrews—James Andrews, one of the most celebrated orthopedic surgeons in America, the same guy who rebuilt Adrian Peterson’s miracle knee a year earlier—had needed to take a tendon graft from the left knee in order to repair the right. Two shredded ligaments, the LCL and ACL. Major reconstructive surgery. Seven to nine months of rehab. Minimum. A jumble of thoughts swirled and drifted into his foggy consciousness—flashbacks to the play that knocked him out, fears about whether he’d be ready for next season—and for once in his short and blessed life, Robert Griffin III just couldn’t deal. He didn’t feel like talking to the nurse, who hadn’t noticed that he’d come to. “So instead of trying to cope with that at the moment,” he recalls now, “I just went back to sleep.” ImageWhen he woke a short while later, he felt ready. Or at least readier. As his parents stood over his bed, Griffin apologized. “After I tore my ACL in college, I told them I would never do that to them again,” he says, referring to the 2009 ACL surgery—same knee—that cost him most of his sophomore season at Baylor. “So when I woke up this time, I said, ‘I’m sorry.’ I knew the kind of pain it was going to put them through, especially my mom. I’m the baby. I’m the only son. She doesn’t want to see her baby boy get hurt.”

Dr. Andrews joined them and reported that the procedure had gone well. When the conversation turned to rehab—specifically, When can I start?—Griffin had an idea: “Hey, when’s our first game?”

Robert Griffin III Sets a New Record for the Most NFL Jerseys Sold in a Year


Everyone wants a Robert Griffin III jersey right now. No, really, everyone. RG3 just set a new record for the most NFL jerseys sold in one year. And, technically, the NFL’s “year” runs from April 1 to March 31, so the Redskins QB still has more than three months to sell even more jerseys—which he’ll no doubt do if the ‘Skins make the playoffs this season. To be fair to all of the NFL players out there, the league has only been keeping track of jersey sales for about six years now. But, still, it’s an impressive feat for a rookie. And, something tells us it won’t be the last record he breaks during his career. Stay tuned.

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[via ESPN]

The Man of Next Year in Sports is Robert Griffin III

ImageOn Monday, we asked you all to vote for who you think will be the Man of Next Year in Sports. The nominees wereDeron WilliamsRobert Griffin IIIMike TroutAnthony Davis, and Jon Jones. After tallying up the votes, the people have named their athlete for 2013. Robert Griffin is the Man of Next Year in Sports. He’s the new exciting face of the NFL who’s putting up record-setting rookie numbers, so it’s no surprise that his fans came out to support the Redskins QB. After all, they do have those RGIII “Hope” posters.

‘Skins fans believe in their QB and they have many reasons to do so. His QB rating of 97.3 has put him in the Top-10 of the league amongst the likes of Peyton ManningTom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, and Aaron Rodgers. He has no competition when it comes to QB rushing yards as he’s racked up 476 on the year thus far. That’s over 150 yards more than second-place Cam Newton. As Griffin hones his skills, adjusts to the league, and makes his teammates better, the Redskins will likely develop into a team to watch out for in 2013 and beyond.

Learn more about what the winners take home, and check out all the Man of Next Year nominees at mony.complex.com.