20 Galleries to Follow on Instagram

If you have a busy schedule or don’t see yourself making it to the art gallery, here’s an alternative. Browse through this list of 20 Galleries to Follow on Instagram, then follow them for daily inspiration straight to your feed. Whether you prefer to enjoy art on your phone or just want to support art institutions doing their thing, this list is a solid starting point.


2012 Summer Issue Swagga Digital Magazine

Swagga Digital Magazine is a quarterly publication illuminating people of color, from different backgrounds in four (4) areas, including fashion, lifestyle, culture and music. We feel there is a need for our publication for people of color that focuses through photographic illustration on the other aspects of their lives. In addition, we try to promote books and reading, healthy eating, style, and community organizations making a difference in their respective niches, fashion, lifestyle, art and culture and media in written word designated to each subject matter. We also spotlight “On Our Radar” which is short stories inclusive of people, places and things that we feel people should be more knowledgeable of whom they are and why they are of importance.

Connect with us: www.swaggadigitalmagazine.com