The End of Meat Is Here

Is any panic more primitive than the one prompted by the thought of empty grocery store shelves? Is any relief more primitive than the one provided by comfort food? Most everyone has been doing more cooking these days, more documenting of the cooking, and more thinking about food […]

News Headlines 02.28.13

NATION Health law’s rules help hospitals cut patient readmission rate The law includes both penalties and incentives for better coordinating care for patients after they head home. ( by N.C. Aizenman , The Washington Post)  ICE release of illegal immigrants sparks political firestorm in Arizona Politicized controversy surrounds release of illegal immigrants from […]

Healthy Eating Tips For The Holiday!!!

The holiday weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year are the worst time of the year for weight gain, and several factors are at play. Obviously, there are all the December holiday gatherings with their tempting holiday foods, but there is also a change in the weather that can signal our bodies to slow down and […]

Crab price set; fishermen drop pots

SAN FRANCISCO, CA.  — Dozens of crab fishermen roared out the Golden Gate at dawn Wednesday to set their pots in time for the midnight opening of crab season, after crabbers and fish wholesalers reached agreement on a price.The creamy, buttery Dungeness crabs should start arriving at local markets […]