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A PR firestorm around Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert’s $5.5 billion Detroit project shows that money isn’t the biggest challenge he faces in revitalizing the city

Dan Gilbert, the billionaire owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has been transforming downtown Detroit for almost a decade. Since moving his mortgage company Quicken Loans to the neighborhood in 2010, he’s invested $3.5 billion (with $2.1 billion in development) through his real estate firm Bedrock. With a roster […]

News Headlines 02.28.13

NATION Health law’s rules help hospitals cut patient readmission rate The law includes both penalties and incentives for better coordinating care for patients after they head home. ( by N.C. Aizenman , The Washington Post)  ICE release of illegal immigrants sparks political firestorm in Arizona Politicized controversy surrounds release of illegal immigrants from […]

Morning News Headlines 01.16.13

NATION Readers speak on budget, contractors, corruption, whistleblowers Federal Diary gives readers a chance to speak out on issues affecting federal employees. (, The Washington Post) U.S. weighs military aid for France in Mali Help wouldn’t include combat troops but could test U.S. boundaries and stretch counterterrorism resources […]