Huge turnout for Giants Parade Up Market Street in S.F.

ImageWith adoring roars from the crowd and beaming grins from the players, the Giants World Series victory parade strutted up Market Street on Wednesday, ending up in front of City Hall, where the team was handed the key to the city – and the hearts of its fans. Parents, college kids, toddlers, office workers and admirers of all stripes bundled up to avoid the chill, blew horns, clapped, high-fived and screamed themselves hoarse as the ballplayers and marchers passed by. You could hear the din of the estimated 1 million-plus people almost all the way to Detroit. The coinciding of Halloween with the parade day produced an ocean of holiday getups, with Giants regalia slung over the usual witch and ghoul costumes. Even fashionistas might have winked at the mash-ups, given that the Giants team colors are appropriately spooky orange and black. “It’s awesome!” 9-year-old Jenna Wieking yelled as her father hoisted her to his shoulders for her first look at such a huge parade. “There are so many fans so close! So many people!” Like thousands of others, her family made a long drive in – she’s from Davis – to give the team a big hurrah for beating the Detroit Tigers on Sunday to snatch baseball’s biggest crown.

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