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‘Atlanta Skips A Grade

What is “Atlanta,” exactly? It’s a fair but limiting question. Fair, because, look, if one week you were watching a show about a couple who might have broken up at a German-culture festival, and then the next week they’re gone and you’re watching a road comedy about an […]

Colin Kaepernick strips down

This is an extended interview from the 2013 ESPN The Magazine Body Issue. Subscribe to The Mag today! Why did you decide to pose for the Body Issue? CK: I’m not your typical quarterback. I don’t like when people say, “Quarterbacks aren’t supposed to run” or “Quarterbacks aren’t […]

This morning I was reading up on actor Ira Aldridge (Adrian Lester is playing him in a new stage production at the Tricycle theater in London – see Sergio’s announcement HERE), and I stumbled upon this video of Chiweter Ejioforperforming Hamlet, from Lawrence Bridges’ 2005 documentary Why Shakespeare?, which featured similar performances, as well as reflections on […]