Ludacris Teams With Google For “Buying All Black” Campaign Video Featuring Flo Milli: Watch

“I’ma buy all Black, I’ma buy all Black!”

Three-time Grammy-winning multifaceted rapper Ludacris has partnered with Google to bring forth his new single and interactive video “Buying All Black” featuring Flo Milli and 70 Black-owned businesses. The musical effort was released to promote the third annual “Black-owned Friday” nationwide campaign.

Luda raps: “Ok I’m buying all black, dropping all stacks/ B-U-Y B-L-A-C-K in all caps/ Out the traps to get the riches, the senseless still pay the tax/ Build a business, can I get a witness?/ This here, was built on our backs.”

The “Black-owned Friday” campaign was launched in 2020 as a spin-off of the traditional day-after-Thanksgiving shopping event. According to a press release obtained by VIBE, Black-owned Friday aims to “celebrate Black-owned businesses that were facing serious systemic challenges as the pandemic was accelerating.” 

“As a business owner, I am so passionate about supporting Black entrepreneurs and really wanted to celebrate the impact they make on their communities,” the Karma’s World creator stated. “We’re showing people how to search on Google for Black-owned businesses, and reinforcing that we all have a choice when we search for businesses to support and shop our values.” Google has innovatively created Black-owned business badges that help business owners self-identify as Black-owned on Google’s search engine. The anthem, “Buying All Black,” now hopes to gain the “Black-owned Friday” campaign’s new traction. Businesses can learn more about these resources on the Black-owned Friday website here.

Flo comes in later with: “Okay my hat watching my bag, I guess we buying all black/ This 4c, this ain’t tracks, so if you touch it you get smacked/ Buying all Black, I’m never thinking twice, you can do it too if you just pay the price.”

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