News Headlines 02.28.13

Health law’s rules help hospitals cut patient readmission rate 
The law includes both penalties and incentives for better coordinating care for patients after they head home. 
( by N.C. Aizenman , The Washington Post) 

ICE release of illegal immigrants sparks political firestorm in Arizona 
Politicized controversy surrounds release of illegal immigrants from federal custody. 
( by Pamela Constable , The Washington Post) 
Limits on government travel could backfire 
House hearing looks at limits on government travel. Spending drops, but so could needed collaboration. 
(, The Washington Post) 
Millionaire’s Mars mission: To inspire the children (and to beat China there) 
Tito’s proposed high-risk, budget-class journey would (if achieved) smash the barrier to deep space. ( by Brian Vastag , The Washington Post) 

Prudence Bushnell on being a diplomat 
“If nobody’s in charge or cares, then you get policy disasters like Rwanda.” 
( by Tom Fox , The Washington Post) 
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Montgomery police canvass for information on fatal crash 
Police are looking for witnesses to a hit-and-run Tuesday that killed a woman on Connecticut Avenue. 
( by St. John Barned-Smith , The Washington Post) 
Large families crowd D.C. shelters 
As homelessness in the District rises, large families linger in the city’s crowded main shelter. 
( by Annie Gowen , The Washington Post) 
6 teens indicted on murder charges in Woodley Park Metro stabbing 
Initially, only one teen had been charged with first-degree murder in the fatal stabbing of Olijawon Griffin. 
( by Keith L. Alexander , The Washington Post) 
Alexandria police officer shot and wounded in Old Town 
Police said the officer is in serious condition. 
( by Allison Klein and Michael Alison Chandler , The Washington Post)
Metro’s deputy GM leaving 
In coming weeks, David Kubicek, who oversees rail operations, will be one of two high-level departures. 
( by Dana Hedgpeth , The Washington Post) 
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House to vote on Violence Against Women Act measures 
Republican leaders are prepared to allow a vote on a version favored by Democrats, pointing to GOP division. 
( by Rosalind S. Helderman , The Washington Post) 

In the Loop: A multilingual secretary 

Secretary of State John Kerry speaks French to the French, German to the Germans, and on it goes… 
(, The Washington Post) 

Michael A. Brown tries to rebound from loss of D.C. Council seat 
Michael A. Brown says he has been cleared by a federal investigation into missing campaign funds. 
( by Tim Craig , The Washington Post) 
Sequester spin gets ahead of reality 
How bad will the cuts really be? No one really knows. The dire warnings the reflect a lot of guesswork. 
( by Karen Tumulty and Lyndsey Layton , The Washington Post) 
Authorities say U-Md. shooter admitted self for treatment 
Governor’s gun-control bill would not have stopped subsequent gun purchases. 
( by Aaron C. Davis and Matt Zapotosky , The Washington Post) 
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Jimmy Kimmel and Morrissey feud over ‘Duck Dynasty’ 
The singer canceled an appearance on the late-night show. 
(, The Washington Post) 
On gun ownership, a right to privacy or a right to know? 
Newspapers face death threats over requests for public records on gun owners. 
( by Paul Farhi , The Washington Post) 
100 years later, activists will march in tradition of Inez Milholland 
Milholland sitting astride a white horse is the most iconic image of that 1913 march for women’s rights. 
( by Lonnae O’Neal Parker , The Washington Post) 
Hot-bar leftovers: To trash or not to trash? 
Supermarket chains take different approaches to the food the remains on their hot bars. 
( by Tim Carman , The Washington Post) 
Carolyn Hax: Husband is walking the line between caring and badgering 
He says that he cares about her health, but she says that he makes her feel like crud. 
(, The Washington Post) 

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Survey finds gap in Internet access between rich, poor students 
Vast majority of teachers rely on social media and other digital resources, Pew study says. 
( by Cecilia Kang , The Washington Post) 
Supreme Court defines SEC time limits for pursuing civil cases 
Court says the clock starts ticking when the violation takes place, not when it’s discovered. 
( by Dina ElBoghdady , The Washington Post) 
Senate confirms Lew as Treasury secretary 
Jack Lew gets Senate green light in a 71-26 vote just as economy faces potentially severe budget cuts. 
( by Jia Lynn Yang , The Washington Post) 
JPMorgan layoffs reflect some hope 
Many of the employees the nation’s largest bank is letting go were hired to deal with mortgages in default. 
( by Danielle Douglas , The Washington Post) 
conomic crisis ‘balkanized’ global finance 
Study documents continued collapse in global finance, pushing world system back by decades. 
( by Howard Schneider , The Washington Post) 

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Terrapins suffer a damaging loss 
U-Md. falls to 1-6 on the road in the ACC and may need a deep run in the conference tournament to impress the NCAA selection committee. 
( by Alex Prewitt , The Washington Post) 
Vikings advance to 4A West final 
Whitman tops Walter Johnson, 49-42, to set up a region final matchup with Gaithersburg on Friday night. 
( by Roman Stubbs , The Washington Post) 
Capitals bullied, trounced by Flyers 
Starting goaltender Braden Holtby is chased in the second period after allowing four goals on 18 shots and Washington provides hardly any punch in a loss to Philadelphia. 
( by Katie Carrera , The Washington Post) 
Porter’s better half vaults Hoyas 
Otto Porter Jr. scores 21 of his 22 points after halftime, including the game-winner with 9.5 seconds to go in double overtime, as 7th-ranked Georgetown secures a 10th straight victory. 
( by Liz Clarke , The Washington Post) 
Jaguars dump Bowie to advance to region final 
De’Janae Boykin finishes with 18 points and 14 rebounds as No. 18 C.H. Flowers drops No. 17 Bowie to reach the Maryland 4A South final. 
( by Eric Detweiler , The Washington Post) 

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Survey finds gap in Internet access between rich, poor students 
Vast majority of teachers rely on social media and other digital resources, Pew study says. 
( by Cecilia Kang , The Washington Post) 
Set up network security standards for the BYOD era now 
Tips for protecting your business in a bring-your-own-device world. 
( by Steve King | , 

Samsung launches its own wallet app 
Like Apple’s Passbook, this mobile payment service gives users a digital place for their coupons and tickets. 
( by Hayley Tsukayama , The Washington Post) 
What to expect from the Apple shareholders meeting 
Apple likely won’t be discussing a controversial proposal that landed the company in court. 
( by Hayley Tsukayama , The Washington Post) 
Why First Solar’s new world record for solar cell efficiency is important 
First Solar announced on Tuesday that it’s managed to create a record 18.7 percent solar cell, up from the 17.3 percent cell it touted in July 2011. Here’s why this is a big deal. 
( by Ucilia Wang | ,

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After pope’s farewell message, the main event begins: The conclave 
Attention quickly shifts to conclave — and the important matter of timing. 
( by Jason Horowitz , The Washington Post) 
Envoys agree to hold more nuclear talks amid positive signals from Iran 
Iran hails possible “turning point” as negotiations with bloc of six world powers yield modest progress. 
( by Joby Warrick and Jason Rezaian , The Washington Post) 
Kerry: U.S. must help counter aid to Syria opposition from extremists 
The U.S. is preparing a package of broader financial and practical support for the Syrian rebels. 
( by Anne Gearan , The Washington Post) 
Japanese warn against Chinese smog 
Residents will be urged to stay indoors if the level of toxic smog from China gets too high. 
( by Michiyo Nakamoto | Financial Times , The Washington Post) 
Hagel pledges straight talk, loyalty to troops on first day at Pentagon 
The new defense secretary praises the military and says the agency will cope with the looming budget cuts. 
( by Craig Whitlock , The Washington Post) 
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Ending dysfunction central 
Republicans need to act responsibly and replace the sequester. 
(, The Washington Post) 
Golden goose eggs 
After 100 years, the Federal Reserve’s record on preventing recessions is stuck on zero. 
(, The Washington Post) 
The China challenge 
The U.S. has no choice but to work with China and all its insecurities. 
(, The Washington Post) 
How much time are we really losing in traffic? 
(, The Washington Post) 

The only way to cut the budget? 
(, The Washington Post) 

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