Beyonce at the Super Bowl: 47 Reasons The Halftime Show Was Better Than The Game


Who runs the world? Queen of all that is earth-shatteringly fabulous: Beyonce. And that’s precisely why Bey’s halftime show was approximately 47 times better than the nationally televised 49ers shaming party that acted as bookends on either side of the rousing performance. And what exactly made Bey’s life-altering (future halftime-performer-intimidating) show better? (Besides the part where the Baltimore Ravens spent the whole game mercilessly pounding the team from San Francisco to the point that it wasn’t even fun anymore.) Well, we’ve got 47 reasons for you.

1. Goosebumps at the first advertisement for Beyonce’s halftime show later in the game.
2. Goosebumps at the Beyonce two-minute warning.
3. Goosebumps as Bey took the stage.
4. The giant flaming silhouette of Beyonce towering over the field.
5. Actual Beyonce silhouette making our hearts beat out of control, but also in unison.