Apple pulls Samsung Galaxy S III Mini from patent battle

eyeballSamsung scored a win today, as Apple agreed in a court filing to pull its infringement claims against the Galaxy S III Mini. The device had been accused along with anassortment of other devices in the second legal battle the two companies are engaged in with Judge Lucy Koh. Apple had included the Galaxy S III Mini because it was available for sale through, but Samsung argued that the device had not been officially released in the United States, and therefore shouldn’t be covered. Predicated upon Samsung’s word that the company was not selling the phone directly in the US, Apple agreed to drop it from the list of accused devices. It’s important to note that this kind of jostling is common at this stage of the game, with both companies ironing out which devices will be included in the pending trial. That said, the Mini isn’t clear just yet — Apple may still be able to include the device if Samsung reverses its stance and decides to sell the phone domestically.


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  1. Apple I’m sorry, I know Samsung stole some of your ideas, but errrrr . . . THANKS, cuz I love my Samsung products lol. #GALAXY

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