Listen: Gucci Mane x Wiz Khalifa On Autotune Track “Nothin On Ya”


Gucci Mane uses autotune on the entirety of “Nothin on Ya” with mixed results. It sorta works for him, but we’re not completely sold at this point. On the other hand, Wiz Khalifa brings it with his verse at the middle (1:23 mark) of the track. “She f***** with a stoner / And if I’m up in this b**** then I’m probably with her on her / Hella bottles, hella marijuana / Anything you want,  my n***** got it / We got liquor, we got mollys / We got bitches tryin to ride, takin pictures / We just standing on the couches / They can try, but… /”

“Nothin on Ya” was produced by DJ Spinz and C4 and can be heard below. [Miss Info]