Celebrate Your Victories in the New Year

journaljarHave you reflected on all that has happened to you this year? Often we remember the points in life that weren’t the best versus the good times. This is a common belief for many people, yet it’s debilitating too. By only allowing bad memories to stick out in our minds we rob ourselves of truly being able to enjoy life and move forward. We stay trapped in the past, constantly allowing the times that we’ve “failed” to outweigh the times we’ve succeeded or overcome past hardships. It’s time to toss this way of thinking and re-invent your psyche. As you begin to move forward in 2013, think about all the times that you have won in life. Think about all the times you achieved something or accomplished a goal that many people believed that you couldn’t do. These memories are valuable for post-traumatic growth; our past successes give us the power we need to overcome any downfall and bounce back stronger than ever. They remind us of how strong we truly are and the ability we possess to rise from our biggest tragedies. So, next year build up your personal strength by giving yourself the ammo you need for those times when you’re down. In January, buy a jar and put a note in it every time something good happens to you. Then next year, on New Year’s Eve, open the jar and read all of the fabulous things that happened to you. It will not only be a pleasant surprise, but a way to remind yourself that even through the tough times you are still amazing and can accomplish anything.