Day: December 14, 2012

Tambay’s Epic ‘Django Unchained’ Review – Kill The Noise (Nothing Is Silent)


And by “Kill The Noise,” I’m referring to all the chatter (both “for” and “against”) that began over a year ago, starting with my summer 2011 review/critique of the script, to actress/filmmaker and Quentin Tarantino confidant, Rie Rasmussen’s hyperbolic statements in the fall of last year, suggesting that the film would be nothing short of revolutionary, to the pre-release marketing for the film that really began in the spring, at the Cannes Film Festival, when we started to hear/read plugs for the film from its key cast and crew, collectively painting a picture of a mind-blowing, earth shattering, gruesome, heartwrenching, brutally honest slave narrative, that would, by the way, also be really entertaining and fun! Plugs (each met with similarly-spirited criticism) that carried into the summer and fall of this year, with the film’s release date looming. The conversation happening in the press seemed to promise the can’t-miss movie event of the year.

However, now having seen the film, I’d once again say, quoting Public Enemy, don’t believe the hype; kill the noise! It’s not as grand, and imposing as the champions of the film have said; but neither is it as damning and exploitative as those who are against it want to believe. I’m going to dive right into it, splitting my thoughts into 3 sections: The GoodThe Bad, and then (no, not The Ugly) my Closing Statements. It’s a lot to read (my reviews tend to be lengthy, as long-time readers of this site will already know), so get comfy. READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW (WARNING ITS VERY LONG)

Check Out New Web Series ‘The Rapper’ From Writer/Director Vincent LaMotte


“Written and directed by Los Angeles native Vincent LaMotte, and shot by acclaimed cinematographer Alex SantanaThe Rapper is set in the digital-age and chronicles the story of three young men who attempt to overcome the lack of support, lack of resources, lack of finances and the pressures of street like in order to see their dreams of making it in the hip hop industry come true.” From the web series’ press release: LOS ANGELES (November, 2012)— In a time where web-series are becoming increasingly more popular, The Rapper’s raw and gritty tale of the road less traveled to superstardom is sure to create a cult following, with outstanding visuals, and great story writing. In fact, the series caught the attention of several network executives as well as hip-hop artist who’ve expressed interest in the project. So be on the look-out for future episodes and production development.

Current episodes of THE RAPPER can be found on YouTube ( Visit the series’ Facebook page (



Sex sells. When we look at the spectrum of female singers over the past century, the most successful artists haven’t just been gifted musically, but they’ve also been some of the most physically alluring women we’ve ever witnessed. And that’s just a bonus to their unmatched talent, No. 1 singles, and record-breaking album sales. Sure, some women can’t look like Aphrodite forever, but that’s not to say their beauty is easily forgettable. In fact, we remember them all. And we’ve ranked the following 100 songstresses on being the hottest—we repeat,hottest—sex symbols in the history of music. CHECK OUT THE LIST

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