In the wake of Freddie Gibbs confirming his split with Young Jeezy, Jeezy announced Tuesday that his imprint, CTE Records, will move to Atlantic Records starting in 2013. Young Jeezy has always fashioned himself a mogul. He got his start in the rap world basically by managing other rappers, and his CTE Records has been a major part of his success. But he is splitting with Island Def Jam in order to become Senior Vice President of A&R at Atlantic. As SVP, the Snowman will be responsible for nurturing young talent, someone Jeezy says has always been important to him. But the bigger news is Jeezy’s split with Freddie Gibbs, which Gibbs claims is amicable for the moment. Jeezy’s statement seemed to confirm that. He said: “Freddie is a talented artist and I decided that it’s time to press reset on my career and business ventures. I have no doubt that Freddie will go on to be everything I believe he can be, and I wish him the best in his career.” Jeezy went on to say: “This is a fresh start for the CTE brand as we re-launch it. This is why I chose to wipe the slate clean and create an outlet to support and nurture new artists to the best of my ability.” A Gibbs/Jeezy beef would be sensational, but it seems like they are at a stalemate for the moment.

Young Jeezy’s new project El Hefe: It’s Tha World “Es El Mundo” is available Wednesday at 12:12pm on

Excellent, Operatic New Trailer For ‘Man Of Steel’ Flies Online

superman-trailer-number-2-zack=-snyder (1)

“Superman is a completely different character than Batman. So you can’t in any way use the same template. But David Goyer had this, I thought, brilliant way to make Superman relatable and relevant for his audience,” executive producer Christopher Nolan recently told us. “Zack [Snyder] has built on that and I think it’s incredible what he’s putting together.” And after seeing this? We totally agree. While the first Terrence Malick-esque teasers made us wonder if that was just some marketing or indicative of the tonal approach being taken, the first full trailer for “Man Of Steel” reveals it is very much an ingredient. This is probably the most serious incarnation the character has ever had, and while it is not one of “The Dark Knight” films, it bears the same stamp of thematic maturity. Most compelling of all, it suggests that the God-like powers Clark Kent has shouldn’t necessarily be used to interfere in life or death situations. “Maybe,” Pa Kent says, when Clark asks if he shouldn’t have saved the school bus full of kids, and should have let them die instead. Operatic and looking pretty fucking epic in scope, we’re sold. “Man Of Steel” hits on June 14, 2013. [ComingSoon]

The Breakout Performances Of 2012


One of the great thrills of being a movie fan is discovery. In a few weeks, we’ll be rolling out our lists of the films we’re looking forward to in 2013, many of which come from established names. And yet invariably, many of the best movies that will surprise us over the next twelve months will be ones that are, as yet, barely on our radar, from directors with no track record, and featuring actors who you wouldn’t have been able to pick from a line up a few months earlier. And the same has certainly proven true this year, with all kinds of previously unknown talent emerging across the course of 2012. Some turned up in tiny indies, some in giant studio pictures, but as ever, nothing quite manages to make us as confident in cinema’s future as the stream of bright new actors and actresses who make their way onto screens each year. As part of our continuing year-end coverage (catch up on it here), we’ve picked out our favorite breakout performances in 2012. Check out our list below, and let us know your own favorite surprise performances of the year in the comments section. For all The Playlist’s year-end coverage make sure to follow all our Best Of 2012 features.