The 10 Menswear Commandments


The story goes like this: one morning, a lone menswear blogger was jogging around Italy (in a suit, natch) during Pitti Uomo, the premier menswear tradeshow of every season. He happened upon a burning pair of double-monk strap shoes, who beckoned him to come near, so it could bestow true knowledge about all things clothing. After it transferred everything it knew to the menswear blogger’s mind, it vanished without a trace, leaving only the smell of Cordovan leather and two Goodyear-welted soles with these very rules etched into them. We are pleased to share them here. These are The 10 Menswear Commandments. CONTINUE READING..

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FM “FRESH MUSIC” Artist on the Verge

Tonight I met two young men at a fashion event who totally caught me off guard. In an impromptu interview I asked who are you guys? There names are Clew & Chazz who have been homies since high school. There different paths led them to the realization they had a passion for music. I asked who is your audience? They replied “urban youth” from the neighborhoods of America and anybody that was open to hearing their music. They feel they need to”shapeshift” through society with their music and be successful. They described their music as Real, Experimental, Eclectic, Progressive, Raw and Radical.