Test The Kobe VIII In Front Of Kobe Bryant Himself


Everyone buys signature sneakers for different reasons, but here’s one that’s in the back of everyone’s mind: You want to feel like you are that player and have even a part of his game. At least, that’s what the sneaker companies want you to think. Be like Mike, right? Tomorrow, Nike is actually making that a reality by way of letting a select few at Los Angeles’ legendary Venice Beach courts try out the Nike Kobe VIII — as Kobe Bryant himself watches.

The 14-time All-Star will be at the historic courts to give fans a chance to try out the Kobe VIII system in a course that challenges players’ speed, accuracy, focus and vision. Bryant will be talking about the shoes, too. Check out facebook.com/nikevault for more information or check out the invitation at the top of this post.

Will you be at Venice Beach?

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