Month: December 2012

10 Best Music Books of 2012

James Brown’s life was as deep and mythic as his celebrated groove. In the magisterial, rollicking biography The One: The Life and Music of James Brown, former SPIN staff writer RJ Smith goes further than anyone ever has in getting to the formidable, often contradictory essence of the […]

The AFC Playoff Match-Ups Are Set

While the NFC playoff picture is still muddy, the AFC playoffs are ready to go. Here are the seeds: Denver Broncos (bye) New England Patriots (bye) Houston Texans Baltimore Ravens Indianapolis Colts Cincinnati Bengals So the Texans will play the Bengals this week in Houston, and the Ravens will play the Colts […]

Music’s Biggest Breakout Stars Of 2012

We’re three days away from ending 2012– the year the Mayan’s math didn’t quite add up–with a bang. Before we bid this year adieu we’ve documented the Best Ofs for the past 12 months; so during the next predicted Apocalypse rears its false head, we’ll reminisce on theCrunkest Songs […]