Swizz Beatz Buys 150 Copies of Alicia Keys’ New Album

Alicia Keys’ huge fan base includes more than 10 million Twitter followers and 1.3 million Instagram followers, but her biggest fan is still her husband, producer Swizz Beatz. Yesterday, Keys’ fifth studio album, Girl on Fire, dropped and Beatz did his best to promote his wife’s project—buying several copies of the album. “Ok I might get stan of the year award! So what! I just got 150 copies to give out 2 fans,” he tweeted. That followed a series of album-related tweets declaring Keys’ latest installment a “classic.” Keys tweeted sheer happiness for the support: “I swear I love this man with all of me!” Their love came to life at last night’s iHeartRadio concert for Hurricane Sandy first responders. During the 13-song set, Keys often looked off to the side of the stage and gazed into the eyes of Beatz during a number of her signature hits. But perhaps the most adorable moment of the night came when their son, Egypt, joined Keys on stage during “No One” for a mommy-mushy moment that left everyone saying “awe.” SOURCE

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