Day: November 26, 2012

Kill the 401(k)?

As America hurtles toward the fiscal cliff, there’s an increasingly frantic search for ways to shore up the country’s deteriorating balance sheet. Republicans want to cut spending; Democrats would prefer to raise taxes on the wealthy. But a paper released today by Harvard and Danish researchers highlights just how much room there could be to generate more government revenue without […]

President Obama Prepares for Cabinet Shuffle

As President Obama prepares for his second term, preparations have begun for the traditional shuffling of the Cabinet. Top priority for the president: filling slots for those top officials heading – if not running – for the door: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton andSecretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner. To replace Clinton, Democratic insiders suggest that U.S. […]

New Edition Wins Top Soul Train Music Award

The 2012 Soul Train Music Awards was the first time in the 25-year history of the ceremony that it was without its creator, Don Cornelius. For that reason, this year’s edition, which was taped at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and aired on BET and Centric on Sunday night, had to be special. Hosted by Cedric […]