College Football

Nike Unveils New Ohio State Football Uniform

Undefeated Ohio State will take the field this weekend in brand new, innovative football uniforms from Nike. The Buckeyes have a tradition of game changing kit, beginning when legendary coach Woody Hayes took charge in 1967. He sought out the most innovative fabrics of his day, and also pioneered the tradition of adding Buckeye leaf decals to players’ helmets to reward big plays. The new uniform follows Hayes’ legacy, employing an integrated system predicated on speed. The classic Buckeye Stripe is highlighted, sitting pretty on each element from helmet to shoe. Nike Chain Maille Mesh—a lightweight, ultra-breathable fabric—is used in the construction of the jersey. Strategically placed seams, pads, and cooling zones minimize distraction and maximize protective coverage. In all, it’s a uniform that pays homage to the past while looking forward to future gridiron glory.

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