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The ATLien B.o.B. has landed. After taking his fans through the Adventures of Bobby Ray andStrange Clouds, the Grand Hustle signee is throwing his middle fingers in the air on his new mixtape Fuck Em We Ball. The newly turned 24-year-old chopped it up with VIBE about working with Taylor Swift, tackling new genres, dancing to his own songs on the video game The Hip Hop Dance Experience. and more.

VIBE: Congrats on being the only artist to place two tracks “So Good” and “Airplanes” on the The Hip Hop Dance Experience. Have you tried dancing to them in the video game?
B.o.B.: I’ve tried to “So Good,” but haven’t to “Airplanes” yet. I actually watched two of my dancers perform to “Airplanes.”

Were you able to get through it?
I scored, let’s just say that.

Does the game make it easy to follow along with or do you need Michael Jackson skills?
Nah, You don’t need to be a Michael Jackson or a Chris Brown to play this game but I would say it really makes you feel like you’re in a music video, like you’re performing it for real. They really took the time to pay attention to the artists and their videos for the songs they put in the game.

Were there other songs that you tried to dance to?
Yeah, I tried dancing to Chris Brown “Look at Me Now.”

You were being overambitious huh?
(Laughs) It was on rookie mode. It really looked like the set on the video. It’s pretty accurate.

Serious question. Do you know how to “Gangnam Style?”
(Laughs) No I don’t. I don’t know how to Gangnam Style. I’ve been seeing the phenomenon take the world by storm. I’ve never tried it myself but I’m gonna have to check that out.

This past summer, you collaborated with Taylor Swift. How did that come about?
Taylor Swift was on tour and she invited a lot of her hip-hop friends on stage with her. She stopped in Atlanta and invited me, Grand Hustle and Usher, but I wasn’t there. She still wanted to reach out and she brought me out to Dallas. I just had a record that was good and I thought, ‘Let me just play this for her and see of if she likes it.’ I played [“Both Of Us”] for her and before the verse even dropped, her eyes were watering up. She was like “Yes, I wanna be a part of this song.” And the rest is history.


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