It’s been nearly two decades since Brandy stepped onto the music scene with a sultry voice, young swag and box braids. During her concert in Washington DC at the Howard Theater, the “Wildest Dreams” singer celebrated the 18-year anniversary of her first single “I Wanna Be Down” with a special cake onstage. She reflected on the video and her career after the show:

“You know celebrating 18 years of ‘I Wanna Be Down’ going number 1 today to kind of feel like I’m in that same space, it’s so crazy being out there on the mic and being in front of the car with all of my friends…like those were my real life friends that were in the video,” the VIBE Vixen cover girl recalls. “It was so crazy to do the video because it was always so close but yet so far away. I would almost get in the door and then something would happen and then finally, I got in that door with Atlantic.”

After recently dropping her sixth studio effort Two Eleven, the R&B veteran says she has no fear in being the person and artists she wants to be. “I’m not afraid no more. I’m not scared,” she says. “I wasn’t scared 18 years ago and I went through a phase of being afraid and now I’m just not afraid. I’m humble but I’m not scared.”


The ATLien B.o.B. has landed. After taking his fans through the Adventures of Bobby Ray andStrange Clouds, the Grand Hustle signee is throwing his middle fingers in the air on his new mixtape Fuck Em We Ball. The newly turned 24-year-old chopped it up with VIBE about working with Taylor Swift, tackling new genres, dancing to his own songs on the video game The Hip Hop Dance Experience. and more.

VIBE: Congrats on being the only artist to place two tracks “So Good” and “Airplanes” on the The Hip Hop Dance Experience. Have you tried dancing to them in the video game?
B.o.B.: I’ve tried to “So Good,” but haven’t to “Airplanes” yet. I actually watched two of my dancers perform to “Airplanes.”

Were you able to get through it?
I scored, let’s just say that.

Does the game make it easy to follow along with or do you need Michael Jackson skills?
Nah, You don’t need to be a Michael Jackson or a Chris Brown to play this game but I would say it really makes you feel like you’re in a music video, like you’re performing it for real. They really took the time to pay attention to the artists and their videos for the songs they put in the game.

Were there other songs that you tried to dance to?
Yeah, I tried dancing to Chris Brown “Look at Me Now.”

You were being overambitious huh?
(Laughs) It was on rookie mode. It really looked like the set on the video. It’s pretty accurate.

Serious question. Do you know how to “Gangnam Style?”
(Laughs) No I don’t. I don’t know how to Gangnam Style. I’ve been seeing the phenomenon take the world by storm. I’ve never tried it myself but I’m gonna have to check that out.

This past summer, you collaborated with Taylor Swift. How did that come about?
Taylor Swift was on tour and she invited a lot of her hip-hop friends on stage with her. She stopped in Atlanta and invited me, Grand Hustle and Usher, but I wasn’t there. She still wanted to reach out and she brought me out to Dallas. I just had a record that was good and I thought, ‘Let me just play this for her and see of if she likes it.’ I played [“Both Of Us”] for her and before the verse even dropped, her eyes were watering up. She was like “Yes, I wanna be a part of this song.” And the rest is history.


Obama Nominates Gay Black Judge to Federal Court

Yesterday, President Barack Obama nominated his first openly gay African-American judicial nominee for the federal courts. Judge William L. Thomas has been put forth for consideration for the U.S District Court for the Southern District of Florida. He’s one of seven judges nominated today and, if confirmed will be the second out African-American judge on the federal bench. “These individuals have demonstrated the talent, expertise, and fair-mindedness Americans expect and deserve from their judicial system,” President Obama said in a statement. “They also represent my continued commitment to ensure that the judiciary resembles the nation it serves.” Judge William L. Thomas has served as a Circuit Judge in Florida’s 11th Judicial Circuit since 2005, presiding over both civil and criminal matters. Prior to that, he was an Assistant Federal Public Defender in Florida, representing underprivileged clients in criminal cases. He received his B.A. from Washington and Jefferson College in 1991 and his J.D. from Temple University School of Law in 1994.

Read it at Queerty.

20 Galleries to Follow on Instagram

If you have a busy schedule or don’t see yourself making it to the art gallery, here’s an alternative. Browse through this list of 20 Galleries to Follow on Instagram, then follow them for daily inspiration straight to your feed. Whether you prefer to enjoy art on your phone or just want to support art institutions doing their thing, this list is a solid starting point.


“Breaking Dawn Pt. 2” Is Expected to Open to $150 Million

In just a few short hours, the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, will begin its sure-to-be wildly successful run in North American theaters. But just how wildly successful will it be? Considering the last two movies in the franchise earned $138.1 million and $142.8 million respectively on their opening weekends, we can surely expect high numbers – but, according to The Hollywood Reporter, they may actually be record-breaking. Early predictions show the film surpassing the $145 million to $150 million range, which would be the biggest opening for the franchise yet. This is, if anything, great news for the film industry.

And just think – once this is all over, we can stop hearing about Twilight every other minute!

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