The 50 Worst NBA Players to Wear Air Jordans

Who else gets angry when they see a career bum wearing Air Jordans? This never happened when Michael Jordan was tearing the league up. Cats didn’t want MJ to drop 50 on them while they wore his sneakers and we don’t blame them. This new phenomenon has reared its ugly head the last several years. We get heated to the point of breaking something when we see Jared Jeffries wearing Jordan PEs and the same goes for the old Mike Bibby (the young Bibby could ball). We had nightmares when Fred Jones was averaging two points a game in Jordan PEs and want to slap our mama whenever we witness the likes of Von Wafer rocking some Js. We were so angry about this new trend we decided to make a list about it, guaranteed to make any Jordanhead cry themself to sleep. Check out The 50 Worst NBA Players to Wear Air Jordans. CONTINUE READING…

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