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Lance Gross, Matt Cherry Talk ‘The Last Fall’ with Ricardo Hazell

“The Last Fall” has been riding the film festival circuit for a little over a year now and is Cherry’s first feature film after putting in years of work directing videos for the likes of N’Dambi, Foreign Exchange and many others. I asked Lance what type of director does he think Cherry is at this stage in his career. “Matt was cool. We have a lot of friends in common. So, we all kind of knew each other. We would see each other at events all the time. We always had a friend base to go off of. Matt was a cool, laid back director. We spent a lot of time talking about the role, talking about the story. He asked me a lot of questions, I asked him a lot of questions. He was just a good director to work with. He’s very competitive too. I almost forgot about that. He felt like he could beat me in the 40 yard dash so I had to show him.” As a wide receiver coming out of the University of Akron, Cherry was known for his speed. We guess directing a great debut film might have taken some of that world-class sprinting out of him. After reading this we’re sure Matt will ask Lance for a rematch. In the meantime, he would be satisfied with getting as many people as possible down to see “The Last Fall” for it’s opening weekend beginning October 26. “Our goal is to have 1,000 people show up and see the movie between Friday and Saturday because typically that’s when the theaters make the decision as to whether or not they’re going to keep the film,” explained the director. “They tell you they’re going to wait and see but really the decision will have already been made (after the opening weekend). Buy a ticket to come out and see us on Friday and Saturday. We’re very much a grassroots movement, we’re doing it ourselves and are trying to get 1,000 bodies in the seats. It’s a regular run and not just one screening. It will play 3 to 5 times during the day.” We’re rooting for these two brothers in a big way and hope you can come out see what we already know.  Though there isn’t much actual football in the film, “The Last Fall”, which also stars Vanessa Bell Calloway, Keith David and Nicole Beharie,  captures the emotions and concerns of a blue collar NFL player like no film I’ve seen since “Vinnie”, starring Mark Wahlberg. For more information on the film log on to

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