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25th Anniversary American Business Women’s Association Fashion Show & Celebration

OAKLAND, CA. Recently the American Business Women’s Association held their 25th Anniversary, presents “Cities in Paris” at Scott’s Seafood Bar & Restaurant. The event was well attended by business women from all over the bay area, also the Mayor of Oakland was in attendance. Dinner was provided by Scott’s Seafood Bar & Restaurant. The celebration had various speakers who spoke about empowerment for women, opening doors to women in the Pacific Rim so employment, financial, mentoring and information can be provided to women who want to break the boundaries of business primarily dominated by men as one of the speakers so eloquently told the audience. The fashion show was an array of eclectic  designs from bay area designers. The audience was engaged by the different fashions being shown from evening wear, business, casual wear and hats. To view the highlights of the event check out the pictures at:

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