Today’s Headlines 10.24.12

Firm didn’t verify steroid was sterile
Massachusetts officials track shipments of prescription drug linked to deadly meningitis outbreak.
( by Sharon Begley , Reuters)
U.S. developing new blueprint for hunting terrorists
THE PERMANENT WAR | Over past two years, Obama administration has been secretly developing a new blueprint for pursuing terrorists, a next-generation targeting list called the “disposition matrix.”
( by Greg Miller , The Washington Post)

Bar code security woes with airline boarding passes
Terrorists or smugglers could take advantage of security flaws in airline boarding passes, experts say.
( by James Ball , The Washington Post)
Talking shop with the top Girl Scout
“Sixty-one percent of girls are either ambivalent about leadership or say it’s not important to them.”
( by Tom Fox , The Washington Post)

Guilty plea in CIA leaks case
Former undercover agency operative John C. Kiriakou could spend up to 30 months in prison.
( by Greg Miller and Sari Horwitz , The Washington Post)
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I-95 North in Stafford reopened after crash
Left lane still blocked as crews work to clean up a diesel fuel spill following a tractor-trailer crash. Delays expected.
( by Curt Anderson , The Washington Post)

Women earn less than men, even one year out of college
One year after graduation, the Class of 2008’s women were making 82 percent of what their male counterparts were paid.
( by Jenna Johnson , The Washington Post)
800 gather to support Md. Dream Act
Minister urges supporters to get on phones and encourage friends and relatives to vote in referendum.
( by Robert Samuels , The Washington Post)

D.C.’s top speed camera slows some drivers, tickets the rest
The city raked in $178.4 million in traffic fines in the last fiscal year, a 32 percent increase from the previous year.
( by Ashley Halsey III , The Washington Post)
Penn St. teacher sues think tank, magazine
A Penn State climate science professor has sued a Washington-based think tank and a national magazine that called his scientific findings fraudulent and compared him to Jerry Sandusky.
( by Keith L. Alexander , The Washington Post)

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Ryan will hit economic notes in Ohio
In Ohio today, vice presidential candidate Ryan is set to highlight a different side of Romney, casting him as a compassionate conservative.
( by Nia-Malika Henderson , The Washington Post)
Romney woos Colorado Dems, independents
Romney urges Colorado crowd to help him win support of independents and Democrats.
( by Dan Balz and Philip Rucker , The Washington Post)

Strategies for the home stretch
In the campaign’s endgame, Obama will run as an underdog, while Romney will adopt the mantle of front-runner.
( by Philip Rucker and David A. Fahrenthold , The Washington Post)

Are Spanish-language media outlets vital for candidates’ pitches?
President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney are taking different paths to reach Hispanic voters in the swing state of Florida.
( by Jason Horowitz , The Washington Post)
The many motives of a mega-donor
Sheldon Adelson’s giving supports his political and business interests, but also more selfless pursuits.
( by Marc Fisher , The Washington Post)

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Carolyn Hax: Dreading the old object of desire coming to town
The crush is long over, and bad feelings about her actions linger.
(, The Washington Post)
Florida’s Puerto Ricans: Swing voters in a swing state
Their population has increased quickly, creating another wild card in the presidential election.
( by Joel Achenbach , The Washington Post)

Come up to the lab
Guest narrators for “The Rocky Horror Show,” produced by the Washington Savoyards, recall the first time they saw the cult musical.
( by Jessica Goldstein , The Washington Post)
Getting to school is not always easy
Susan Hughes’s ‘Off to Class’ shows how kids around the world get an education even in difficult conditions.
(, The Washington Post)

Tom Sietsema’s First Bite: Shawafel
A Lebanese shop joins the list of late-night eats along H Street NE.
(, The Washington Post)
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Venture capital investments down
Uncertainty surrounding the presidential election may be making it harder for some VC firms to raise money.
( by Steven Overly , The Washington Post)
New rules for governing debt collectors
Starting Jan. 2, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will regulate 175 debt collection firms that each bring in more than $10 million in annual receipts.
( by Danielle Douglas , The Washington Post)

Can’t fix an error in credit report? Call on the CFPB.
The watchdog agency has begun accepting individual complaints about credit bureaus.
(, The Washington Post)
Senators urge financial industry not to sit on sidelines as ‘fiscal cliff’ nears
Democrat Warner and Republican Chambliss push for engagement in finding a way to avert economic hit.
( by Dina ElBoghdady , The Washington Post)

Apple stock falls after iPad mini launch
Its market share slipping, the tech giant unveils its $329-and-up 7.9-inch tablet.
( by Hayley Tsukayama , The Washington Post)
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TV and radio listings: October 24
(, The Washington Post)
Madison’s Brooks guts one out
GIRLS’ GOLF | Madison’s Shannon Brooks shakes off some late struggles to birdie the final hole and win VHSL girls’ championship.
( by Brandon Parker , The Washington Post)

Fairfax rallies by Langley
VOLLEYBALL | Rebels overcome loss in first set to run off three consecutive wins to turn back the Saxons.
( by Matt Brooks , The Washington Post)
Zito to start Game 1 for Giants
NOTEBOOK | Two years after being left off the postseason roster, Barry Zito will start Game 1 of the World Series.
( by Barry Svrluga , The Washington Post)

Who will make the Md. playoffs?
We examine which teams are in the Maryland playoffs, which teams are in with a win and which teams are still alive.
( by Greg Schimmel , The Washington Post)

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Apple’s new Mac Mini
Apple has updated its smallest Mac, adding new processor, ports.
( by Hayley Tsukayama , The Washington Post)
Apple surprises with 4th-generation iPad, faces backlash
Apple’s surprise iPad announcement may not sit well with users
( by Hayley Tsukayama , The Washington Post)

Apple’s iPad mini: Here are the basic specs
Check out the price, size and the bells and whistles on the tiny tablet.
( by Hayley Tsukayama , The Washington Post)
Microsoft announces details of Xbox SmartGlass app
App extends your entertainment experience across the  screens of the TV, tablet, phone and PC.
( by Dean Takahashi | ,

Apple to stream event; ‘iPad mini’ expected
In a surprise, Apple said it will livestream its announcement Tuesday over its own devices.
( by Hayley Tsukayama , The Washington Post)
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At Afghan shrine, ancient treatment for mental illness
Mental health patients are chained to a cell for 40 days of living on bread, water and black pepper.
( by Kevin Sieff , The Washington Post)
U.S. developing new blueprint for hunting terrorists
THE PERMANENT WAR | Over past two years, Obama administration has been secretly developing a new blueprint for pursuing terrorists, a next-generation targeting list called the “disposition matrix.”
( by Greg Miller , The Washington Post)

China’s military prepares for change
Along with next month’s political transition, sweeping turnover is coming to the world’s largest army.
( by Keith B. Richburg , The Washington Post)
Nerves over China’s military spending
The growing spending, worrisome to neighbors, is allowing PLA to embark on sweeping modernization program.
( by Keith Richburg , The Washington Post)

Presidential debate: Middle East pays little attention, while China listens
Many around the world remained more focused on the hefty issues that they will confront no matter who occupies the White House.
( by Michael Birnbaum and Keith B. Richburg , The Washington Post)
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What Romney’s moderation conceals
Despite his move to the center, he sits atop a radical GOP.
(, The Washington Post)
Groupthink Live
How conventional wisdom congeals in 2012.
(, The Washington Post)

Bench the Bible verses
Proselytizing has no place at a public high school football game.
(, The Washington Post)  

Remembering George McGovern
(, The Washington Post)

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