Listen to Santigold’s New Album, ‘Master of My Make Believe’ – Love It or Leave It Alone?

Santi White is a woman after my own heart. The Philly native constantly pushes the creative envelope, mixing styles and mashing up genres as easily as most of us switch outfits.
Since bursting on the scene in 2008 with her debut album, Santigold didn’t rush a follow-up, didn’t throw together a collection of rag-tag songs, but instead she took her own sweet time and recorded a collection of songs that are a contradictory and diverse as her eclectic style. Recently NPR shared Santigold’s latest effort, Master of My Make Believe due out May 1, on its website for the world to get a little taste of the dopeness Santi has been cooking up, and from the sounds of things this just might be my new summer anthem.

Take a listen to Master of My Make Believe on the NPR site and let us know what you think.